Tips for Girls Looking for Couples

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Tips for Girls Looking for CouplesGirls looking for couples for a three-way isn't like when a man wants to join a couple. With a girl seeking a couple though, there are so many more layers. Of course, the fact that you want to play with the girl is always just hot by default. Here are the tips for girls looking for couples for having a good time and staying safe.

Try to talk to both the man and the woman before you meet.

This is to gauge the interest of both parties in this threesome-to-be. Not all couples-seeking-women are created equal, and not all the couples will accept threesome dating. When you register a threesome dating site, you can find a lot of them are driven 90% by the man and 10% by the woman, who may be just going along with it just to get her man to shut up about it. You'll have a lot more fun with the couples where the man and woman are both equally enthusiastic about getting it on. It'll be weird if you can tell the wife on threesome websites that is just kinda suffering through it before you meet, and there's also a better chance of jealousy flaring up if that's the case.

Meet somewhere in public first.

This gives both you and them the chance to back out gracefully if something doesn't feel right, and it also gives you both assurance that you are indeed attracted to one other in the flesh.

Send recent, honest photos of yourself.

Don't fuck people over with bullshit photos of yourself and expect everything to be hunky-dory if you actually meet up. Couples have a tough go of it trying to find girls who are the right mix of attractive, respectful, clean, discreet and good in the sack. Don't make it harder by throwing dishonesty into the formula.

Keep an eye out for jealousy.

Jealousy is a real thing, and just because a couple has gone and set themselves up with a three-way doesn't mean it was a good idea for them, or that they're actually ready for it. They might be — they might enjoy the shit out of it and set you up for a three-way fuck session every Wednesday night — but they also might not be. They might end up as one of those shattered couples who are so shaken and turned off by the experience that they never speak of it again. Keep an eye on both partners throughout, and look for signs that one is troubled or uncomfortable, and if you see one, stop and ask if everything's cool. That gives them a chance to stop the party if they want to.

Make your limitations known.

Some couples bring another girl with the goal of having her be their little sex slave, a ripe piece of fuck-meat to which they can do anything they like. But if it's not, and you have some limits, make sure they're known ahead of time. It'll be expected that you’re bi, so if you're not, get that elephant out of the room quickly. Otherwise, if you don't want to be fucked in the ass or you don't want to be tied up or blindfolded or, god forbid, pissed or shit on, make sure you get those objections on the table before you meet up.

Don't try to meet either partner later behind the other partner's back.

It's a rugged and assholish thing to do. You are one of the bisexual women looking for couples and you can get plenty of action without stirring up that kind of drama for yourself and others.

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