Things that the Scamming Unicorns Will Tell You

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Things that the Scamming Unicorns Will Tell YouIf you and your partner have decided to join a threesome dating site and want to find the girls looking for couples, then congratulations! You will have such an amazing journey with your partner starting from here. But just like other online dating sites, there are still risks of scamming and fraudulent activities from irresponsible people. Here are the signs of women looking for couples you will want to consider for your own safety.

Scammers are interested into your materials

When you take a photo with your partner, it is sometimes hard to hide your good villas, cars, or other material stuff. Women seeking couples who are scamming tend to get interested more about your materials. They are often materialistic and want to snatch what you have. Be aware to be exposing what you have in your profile. These people might just be interested only in your material things.

She said she lives in other country

Believe it or not, you can see this kind of stuff a lot in the common threesome dating site. These ladies claim to be women looking for couples but residing in other countries and don't have money to travel to your place. They would like to get funded. And when you've transferred the money to them, they will "puff". they're gone. And when you get to this point, it would be too late to realize that you have been scammed. For any reason, they can't meet you in person. Well, don't waste your time over the unicorn like this.

They might not be able to speak English

The girls looking for couples might not be fluent in English. You can see that from their profiles. A simple sign like grammar mistake, nonsense sentences, or mystypos can be great signs that they are scammers. You can't also rule out that they are not women at all. They could be men posing as women. When you call her, she would speak in a weird accent. Or, perhaps, she wouldn't accept your call at all. Not to mention that she would be deterred if you call her by the video chat or call.

You might be familiar with their photos

When you see her profile in the threesome dating site, you might think that it resembles someone you know. Or perhaps, it is your favorite porn actress photo, or else. Well, rather than speculating with your partner, you could do the reverse image search and find out the truth.

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