Are You A Unicorn? Here are Top Tips to Consider to Stay Safe when Looking for Couples

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Are You A Unicorn? Here are Top Tips to Consider to Stay Safe when Looking for CouplesThe threesome mutual benefits have become one of the most trends in many countries. For couples, it is great to welcome the third wheel in their relationship. For girls looking for couples, they can easily look for what they want through the threesome websites. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, now it has become so much easier for women seeking couples to find their fantastic couples.

When you search on your favorite search engine, you can see that there are a lot of different options that you can try. Here are top tips you can consider to stay safe when looking for couples.

Make a deeper research - do your homework

Just grabbing all of the threesome websites that you found on your favorite search engine is not enough to give you the chance to attain women looking for couples goals. You will want to make deeper research. The more you know, the safer your experience will be.

Don't disclose your real phone number

The threesome dating site has an abundant fan base. Amongst these fans, some of them could be scammers or irresponsible people. All they need is your real phone number to do some cyber crimes. Therefore, don't disclose your number. Use Google Voice number instead.

Get video calls

One of the best ways to confirm the real identity you found on threesome websites is by video calling them. If they have any reason to avoid the video call, then it could be a bad sign to consider.

Don't get on stranger's vehicle

If you plan to meet women looking for couples, make sure not to use the stranger's vehicle. When strangers invite you to get on their vehicle, you must think twice before proceeding. It is much safer to drive by yourself or take public transportation. In case you are going to go somewhere with these couples, make sure to enforce them to take public transportation too.

Meet in the crowd

The public place can be the safest choice for supporting your girls looking for couples' rodeo. The public place is where many people can see you. You can imagine if you arrange a first encounter in the private room. If there's something bad, it will be hard to ask for some help.

Let your friends or family know

Since women looking for couples might be taboo for your family, you might be able to tell this only to your friends. If you can trust these friends, you need to tell them about your activity. Tell them to contact you every hour.

Consider the tips above for the sake of your safety. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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